Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Project Hope for the Children, Inc: NewYear; New Dreams

Project Hope for the Children, Inc: NewYear; New Dreams: The Latest at PHFTC   Dear Friends,   I hope your New Year has started out with blessings and the affirmation that you are important and h...

NewYear; New Dreams

The Latest at PHFTC

  Dear Friends,

  I hope your New Year has started out with blessings and the affirmation that you are important and have much impact on this world! I am continually reminded that we are each here for a purpose, whether it is encouraging a stranger or a friend, making a meal for someone, paying someone's utilities, or donating money to a cause, you are here for a reason- to make this world a better place!
   Recently, I took my son to an elder care home and had him pass out flowers and use his gifts of smiles and dance to bless the occupants. They were so happy to see a young, vibrant boy in their midst willing to give them a breath of Springtime and a hug. As I watched, Andrew became more and more happy as he saw their joy! I explained to him later that dancing not only can bring him pleasure, but others as well, and in return he felt fulfilled too. I realized that I was merely being the vehicle for him to use his talents to bless others.
    That is what we at PHFTC are praying we will be for you this year - a conduit of your dreams and goals! Our work to help others that are abandoned and needy continues on! Even with the changes happening in our projects, we are eager to see what will happen in the next few months and how our reach will broaden!
   For those of you that haven't heard yet, Alina, our long time employee, resigned at the end of the year. She has been working tirelessly for many years with not only our foundation, but others and is need of a rest. She will be training our new employee, Andrea this month for the position of Director of Romanian Outreach. This is a part time position doing the managerial work in Romania and her sponsored salary will be less than Alina's. *Please see her bio below. We are also looking for a part time Maternal Assistant for the Sibiu Hospital.

   We also have a new opportunity presenting itself that we are beginning to explore. Many of you might remember that I lived in Puerto Rico for a short period and volunteered at a Christian school for the deaf. The director there and I will be writing letters to the many orphanages on the island to see if there are any deaf children that are being "lost in the system". PHFTC would provide sponsors for the children so they could be housed and taught in their language at the school! At this time, we don't know if there are any such children, but we want to investigate this area. This will also give us as a non profit the introduction into these orphanages so we might see if they need any donations of basic essentials for the children housed in the orphanages. With the recent hurricanes and earthquakes, I feel strongly that this is a location that could use our help! 

Please Pray for:
  1. Our new employee, Andrea
  2. Hiring another employee in Sibiu
  3. Starting a new project in Puerto Rico
  4. Fundraising this spring - the need is about $20,000 
  5. My Spring trip to Romania


* For the past seven years I have had the amazing privilege to live as a missionary in Romania. God gave me the opportunity to use my experience as a teacher and youth leader to minister to the poor and orphaned, to bring them hope and healing through education and discipleship. By teaching in the poor villages and taking in orphans on the weekends, I realize that not only has God transformed others lives but He has transformed me in the process! What He has done in me is greater than anything He can do through me because serving Him is all about knowing Him. So I am thankful to now have another opportunity to know Him more by serving under Project Hope For The Children.

Growing up in a small town in Vermont I never imagined that God would send me halfway across the world but I am so grateful to be in Romania. I have learned so much more than just a new language. I have learned that God's love for me and others is deeper than I ever imagined. It has been such a joy to share His heart... to proclaim His message of grace... and to let His great love continue to change me and others around me as I journey with Him. 

Thank you for your support, prayers, and emails! They mean so much!

In Him,



Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Giving Tuesday 2019

The Latest at PHFTC

  Good Morning Friends,

    We are at that wonderful time of year again when there are so many ways to give and to be generous! I always find so many worthy causes to donate to on Giving Tuesday and I'm sure that you must too! In fact, it can be a little overwhelming being barraged all on one day of the year! But I have come to find that with our hectic lives, having to focus on this a specific day is actually really nice (and exciting, too)! This day we can make such a difference in so many causes, just by giving the equivalent of our coffee money for the week, a dinner out, or a weekend away.

I am writing to ask you to consider giving to Project Hope for the Children today. We might not be a large, well known foundation, but we are consistent in serving our population (for over 16 years). We have real relationships with the Romanian hospital workers and with the NGO directors that I visit annually and communicate with often. We make sure that vital baby essentials are available for the hospitals at all times to use on the needy babies coming in, we support after school programs that are feeding and educating poor children, and we are feeding children in group homes and supplying food and hygiene products to co-ops- Every. Single. Year.

On this day, please head over to our website or Facebook page to make a donation that will assist our yearly budget and help ensure that we can continue to provide these things and more as we reach out others in their need and distress.

Thank you for all your support .We do not take it for granted! 


Ramona and the Board at PHFTC



Monday, October 28, 2019

November Service Team

Hello Friends!

      It is hard to believe, but after 16 years, I am finally able to take a team over to Romania with me to serve! I am so excited and stressed all at the same time!

   We have a great group of ladies going and they are so enthusiastic about serving! The unity I have felt in our meetings is amazing and I pray that all of them will be blessed because of this opportunity!

   We leave this coming Friday evening, the 1st of November and return Sunday, the 10th, close to midnight. We will be working afternoons at the hospital in Sibiu with the children there; holding and playing with them. We will assist a local, private orphanage one morning with anything they need assistance with and visit Association Smile and Hope for the Future to see the children at the after school program. While there we will make crafts with the kids and give them winter hats, mittens, and scarves. I also have some sightseeing of the two cities scheduled in so the team can see a little of the beauty and culture of Romania.

   This week there has already been attacks from Satan with illnesses, operations, and resignations so please be in prayer for our safety, health, and emotions as we travel. Below are pictures of the individual team members. If you want to know more about Sandy, Judy, Doreen, Beverly, Megan and Olivia, you can visit our Facebook or Instagram pages to read their bios. The links are at the bottom of this email.

   Many Blessings,







The hospital in Romania

Ramona in the hospital

Jack and Ramona Cummings

Monday, October 7, 2019

Project Hope for the Children, Inc: October Changes

Project Hope for the Children, Inc: October Changes: The Latest at PHFTC Hello Friends,    I hope you all are enjoying the change in seasons to Autumn weather and foliage! This season is alwa...

October Changes

The Latest at PHFTC

Hello Friends,

   I hope you all are enjoying the change in seasons to Autumn weather and foliage! This season is always a goodbye of summer and a waiting for winter, which is what our ministry is doing right now. Last Thursday was our last day working in the hospital in Oradea. It was a hard farewell for us, but without the contract from the Manager, we could no longer continue to work there with the babies. 

    It was sad to say goodbye to the place where Project Hope for the Children was "birthed". Last week was spent cataloging our supplies and deciding what to take and what to leave at the hospital. On Thursday, thanks to modern technology, I was able to be videoed in with Ali as she left the hospital. I saw the babies, spoke to some of the nurses and a doctor and had a farewell look at the outside of the hospital. There were some tears, however, we know that God has a plan and we are doing our best to seek out what the next step is in that plan. We still have our foundations in the Oradea area that we support and the hospital in Sibiu to keep us busy.

   We also have our Service Team headed over in November! Alina and I will be taking 6 wonderful ladies to one of the after school programs that we sponsor to do crafts with the kids, hand out scarves, hats, and mittens, and visit in the Roma village. Then the majority of our time will be spent in Sibiu holding and playing with the babies in the hospital. I am so very excited about this opportunity to share "my Romania" with others and let them be blessed by serving others!

   Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for all the changes and emotions Alina and I have right now as we look for new projects to care for the helpless in Romania!

  Many Blessings.





Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Our Return

The Latest at PHFTC

  Hello Friends,

     We have been home just over a week now from our month in Europe and I am settling into a routine, putting away luggage, and mulling over my time spent in Romania. This trip was different from any other and I needed time to sort out the blessings from the disappointments.

   After one of the worst travel experiences I have ever had, we arrived in Romania at 3 AM on June 20th. All I can say is my children and our nanny were troopers! Our transport driver waited over 6 hours for our flight to arrive, which was such a blessing and our Airbnb hosts smilingly let us into our apartment in the middle of their sleep. Alina, my dear friend and employee woke up and brought all my bags of necessities from our supply room to us, along with the groceries I had requested for the next day! I have never been so grateful of the kindness of others!

   My paperwork had been submitted to the hospital requesting that I be allowed to work in the hospital as usual, as well as, another request asking if we would be allowed to stay on in the hospital after the contract expired in October. While waiting for someone from the hospital to give us answers, we left for Sibiu to check out the hospital there! We were greeted warmly and our request for the November Service Team was again granted so we are cleared to bring over the group of six women committed to the trip! This was great news and so encouraging! 

  We played with the three babies that were in the hospital over the next two days and I was able to meet with both our workers there and talk with them! I especially enjoyed taking my children shopping to buy books and toys that our part time maternal assistant could use!

   Back in Oradea, we continued to wait to hear from the hospital about my status. I was able to tour several of the foundations we assist, visit with the directors, and once again see first hand the wonderful work they are doing! I was even able to track down a little boy that I have cared for in the hospital a couple of times in his village! Seeing his sweet, patient face made me cry and my children were thrilled to see him again after having held him three years ago in the hospital. It made my heart glad to see even with all his physical disabilities, just how loved and protected he was by the village family.

  I had a bout of sickness and after recovering and still not having any answers from the hospital, I decided to go myself. We had been told that the Manager does not give audiences to anyone, even his own doctors, but I prayed and asked the Lord for favor and any decision so that we could proceed. Amazingly, the Manager himself came in. He decided that I could no longer work in the hospital as the children are not abandoned any more (which for some is not true), that it would be illegal for me to care for the children without releases from the parents (though his own hospital staff can rarely get a signature from the parents as they NEVER see them), and furthermore, he would not sign the contract again in October, though we would be permitted to stay until then (with our employee apparently working illegally without releases from the parents). It was sad, but what I had expected from him. He has many progressive ideas, of which, I can agree with, but his ignorance on this subject and the fear that the hospital personnel is under is sad to see.

   I barely bought any hospital supplies this trip, but only what we would need for the next four months. If this is a closed door then we will start searching out other projects and places to help. My only concern is for the hospital staff and babies that are left in the hospital without help and for our employee, Alina, as her job will be ending and we need to find something else for 2/3rds of her time. Please join us in praying for solutions to these problems and wisdom and guidance for the Board and I over these next few months.

   Overall, the trip went well, but was just different and a little confusing. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement! Please feel free to check us out on Instagram and Facebook where you will fins updates and pictures from the trip.

   Many Blessings,