Thursday, January 17, 2019

A New Year

Dear Friends and Supporters,

  It has been a while since I have written to you and I apologize. I am determined to do so more frequently in 2019! 2018 was a bit tumultuous for our family and I had much on my plate. Our son needed some extra caring for and we received more diagnosis of possible ADHD and Autism on top of his other challenges. My goal is to love each one in my family at the level they need and my life was full with that and directing the ministry oversees. Even with all that, God has blessed us here at PHFTC so much!

 We have a fabulous Board that has come alongside me and so encouraged me! We have some volunteers that help us, one being Samantha, that graciously and almost effortlessly keeps up our website! Our employees, Alina and Dora, are wonderful with the children and communicating with me and our Volunteer Liaison in Sibiu, is one of the most gracious and selfless women I know! I cannot tell you how much in awe I am of what has evolved over the years from my simple girl's heart.

We are still a very small non-profit. This year we have a budget of $35,000 and we are totally going on faith for that, but we see much need and know that consistency in our service in the hospitals and with the foundations we support is key to having a good testimony in Romania. Every year, we are given a new opportunity or a new way to serve the children and families there and we want to be ready and able to say, Yes!

Let me re-cap 2018 a bit for you:
1. We had a brand new worker (Dora) in the Sibiu hospital and she gained her footing quickly, as well as, the respect of the staff. I was so blessed to work with her this year and watch her affection for the babies and attention to detail.

2. We helped four foundations with their beautiful ministries this year. They had basic needs such as: food, hygiene products, appliances, detergent, fencing, school supplies. It was such an honor to assist each project and meet with each Director while in Romania this year. These people are so committed to their ministry, but often shackled by finances. I love being a part of each of their foundations!

3. Alina continues to work in the Oradea hospital and spread joy to each person. Her contract was up this year and the hospital was not signing it. We were concerned about our continued efforts there. After months of waiting and praying a former director intervened and recommended Ali and I and the contract was then signed!

4. After jumping through several hoops, I was allowed back into the Oradea hospital to work for the two weeks I was there! I was overjoyed to hold the little ones that have such a bleak life ahead of them and see first hand the needs!

As we go into this new year, we need your support more than ever!  We recently found out that one of the foundations in the hospital is pulling out and we are taking over the supplying of those areas. Another foundation is waiting to see if their contact will be renewed. We assist this ministry with supplies, as well, but if they are forced to leave, we do not that the money to hire the three woman they employ to work with all the children left without help in the hospital. Thankfully, we do not have the amount of children abandoned at the hospitals like we used to, but it would still be devastating.

My airline tickets are purchased to go for three weeks this summer and my family will be going with me this year to help and learn! I am so excited about this as each year my heart yearns more and more to live in Romania for parts of the year (maybe one day). PHFTC also is planning on a short service trip in November for ladies!! If interested, please let me know!

Lastly, be thinking or praying about your involvement this year.. What gifts and talents can you bring to this ministry? Is there anyway that you can help us meet our budgetary needs? Become a monthly sponsor, perhaps? Open your church or organization up to having me present our work? Please visit our website, , to see our goals and financial statements or to donate.

I'm excited to see our growth this year and all that will be accomplished!

Many Blessings,


*Bottles labeled by last name for the babies.
*Supplies for the Special Needs Safe Houses and Preschool Program

Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall Update from Ramona

Happy Fall Everyone!

    I wanted to take a minute to write and update you on what is going on with the ministry lately. Things sometimes happen very quickly and I don't take the time to share each little detail via email as much as I do on our social media sites. 

   We have three babies in our premature ward right now. We have about five or six children that seem to be cycling through our beds as they get sent home, only to get sick again and return. We also are supplying quite a bit of supplies to another foundation in the Oradea Hospital.

   Our hospital in Sibiu is doing really well! We have many babies there that are residing there due to birth defects and operations. Then we have many others that our coming in because of illness or neglect. Our part time worker is very busy and dedicated, but there are too many babies for her to spend individual time with each one. We are praying for someone else to come and assist her and will be budgeting for her salary this year. Please join us in prayer as we find just the right person for these babies!

   We decided to cancel the Service Trip to Romania this year as all the interested people could not gather the funds or were otherwise committed for the November time period. We will go ahead with planning a trip for next Fall. Let me know if you are interested. I was disappointed to cancel, but knew that God must have something in mind. Of course, it was better as our family has been undergoing many trials and I am needed here. I am so glad that I did not spend time fretting.

   Since the beginning of the year, our Board has undergone a change. We had three of our members resign at various times for various reasons and we needed to fill those positions. God has brought four new people in and I am amazed at the unity and cohesiveness of this Board. It is such a personal blessing and I am confident that this will be a wonderful year for the Ministry because of it! If you want to meet our Board Members please visit our website, where you can see their pictures and read their bios. You might even know some of these fabulous people!


   I am beginning to research flights and such for next year already. I am hoping that the family can join me this year as I feel it is very important for the children to help and learn compassion for others. I also will be spending three weeks working in Romania next year, as it is getting increasingly harder to get everything accomplished with both hospitals and foundations in just two weeks. Please pray for fantastic airline tickets as the ministry only pays for two tickets and I need five! Yikes!

   Our Baby Sock Fundraisers are starting soon, which greatly contributes to our budget! If you would like your church, school, or organization to get involved, please contact me! My schedule for speaking is now opening up again so if you would like me to present to your church, group, organization, please let me know!

   Thank you for your support and interest! We so appreciate it and could not survive without your partnership!

  Many Blessings,


Thursday, August 2, 2018

November Service Project

The Latest at PHFTC

Happy August Everyone!

I cannot believe how quickly time is passing this summer as I am enjoying relaxing days and exciting field trips with my children! I hope you all received my last email where I updated you on my May Romania Trip! So much was accomplished! If you didn't receive it, feel free to email and I will forward it onto you. Sometimes, Mail Chimp Newsletters get sent to you SPAM so be sure to check there.

In that email, I mentioned how the Sibiu Hospital has given us permission to bring a small team of six ladies over in November and hold the babies, I am super excited about this opportunity as many of you have asked over the years if this was possible! However, it hasn't given us a lot of time to prepare either. 

The dates are November 2-11. You must be 18 or older and in fairly good health, have a passport and vaccines. The cost of the trip will be around $2500-$3000. We will know a more exact cost when we know for certain if we have a team. If you are interested please email me at and I can send you the application and details. Again, this is time sensitive because of the month we have available there. 

The trip will include visiting some of the foundations PHFTC supports, holding the babies in the Sibiu Hospital and a little sightseeing. Hope you can join us! For those of you who cannot come, please pray for this opportunity and for open doors this year. 

Many Blessings.




Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Romanian Spring Update

The Latest at PHFTC

Hello Everyone!

  This email update is a long time in coming your way and I am sorry! One truth is life was very busy with children upon returning and an update just kept sliding to the end of the list. However, there is another reason... A letter is always being written in my brain even as I board the plane to fly home, but it is a very emotional and raw letter. Leaving Romania for me is very difficult. It normally entails tears on my part and feelings that I could have done more. My heart is there and normally upon returning to the States I feel a great sense of loss, detachment and a certain amount of depression. This is not a short term missions trip for me with the euphoric feelings of having accomplished my goals and being taught something wonderful from the trip, though that sometimes does occur. This is a struggle to leave my work and co-workers, a loss of community and purpose, mingled with guilt that I am blessed to do as much as I do. So for me, sometimes it is better to wait a while until I have settled back into this life and I can digest the good and bad that I saw and compartmentalize my feelings a bit.

To start, I was so blessed to be able to return to the Oradea Hospital after last years issues! I love being in the place where this ministry began, to hold the babies, chat with the doctors on my old unit and find out what needs purchasing! I was able to do all that! We still have some very sad infant cases on our Premature ward and I was able to hold, feed and pray over these little lives in my short time there.          

Once again Alina and I drove to the tiny city of Sibiu, where our second hospital is located. I decided to stay a little longer there this time as they are eager to have us and grateful for the supplies and our new part time worker! We have many babies there and never enough hands to help. I wrote a letter officially requesting that PHFTC team be allowed to come to the hospital in November and after much translating and editing, we presented it to the Head Nurse to give to the Director of Hospitals. The morning we brought the finalized copy in, the Nurse sent us a message saying she had spoken to the Director and he had already approved the trip! This was such a huge praise! For years, people have asked to come over with me, but the strictness of the Oradea Hospital has restricted us! There are still many obstacles to overcome for this short trip, but if you are interested please shoot me an email! 

Alina and I ordered and shopped and ordered and shopped for the two hospitals! Every year, the Oradea Hospital places more demands on the foundations and what they need to supply apart from the basic baby supplies and it is quite an undertaking to make sure we are stocked for the entire year; not only for us, but for the other foundations in the hospital that sometimes fall on hard financial times.

I was able to visit almost all of the foundations we partner with and their Directors or Supervisors and it blessed my heart to see the how well our supplies are put to good use in the two after school programs, foster homes and co-op center! I was able to gather lists from these foundations and we shopped for each one and sent thousands of dollars worth of food, diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies and household and academic supplies to them!

But yet again, sitting with the women from the Joy Beadz project was one of my favorite thing! Many more younger women have been added to the group and it was a special time of praying, socializing and creating! Changing one woman's life can redirect the whole direction of her children's lives! Less abandonment is our goal and safer environments for children to grow up in! If you want to know more about these foundations, we have a new testimonial section that just went up on our website that tells a little more about how PHFTC reaches others.

It was such a busy time there! Two weeks is getting difficult to fit in all the work, shopping, traveling, and administrative work that needs to be done, but I loved every minute of it! I wore myself out and became sick at the end, but am grateful for the  prayers and the overall smoothness of the whole trip! Please think about how you can support us further in all our endeavors with the Romanian people and pray for wisdom for the Board and I as we make plans for the future!

In Him,


Monday, May 21, 2018

5 More Days!

The Latest at PHFTC



I can hardly believe that my last update was titled 5 More Weeks and now it is 5 More Days! It has been a hectic month to say the least! But here we are and I am so eager to be going to Romania, to rock those precious babies in the hospitals, to purchase baby supplies and toys, and to visit the foundations that we support! I feel continually blessed to be a part of this Ministry!

Fundraising has been going well! We keep receiving donations and  requests for help at the same speed, so if you think it is too late to donate, its not! Just last week, we were able to help a friend's foundation buy food for their after-school program because the amount of children participating was overwhelming! What a wonderful problem to have! The more this next generation is educated in academics, hygiene, ethics and Jesus, the less abandonments we will see in the years to come!
I leave this Friday in the afternoon and fly to Budapest, Hungary where a transport will pick me up and drive me to Oradea,Romania. I return home on June 9th. As always it will be a busy trip so please keep me in your prayers for health, safety, and favor with the hospitals.
As I stated in my last email, we have two new Board Members! We welcome Pam and Ashlea to the team and are so pleased they are willing to share their talents with this Ministry! You can check out their profiles on our website here!
Also, our website designer, Samantha, has put together a neat montage of testimonials from our employees, foundation partners and nurses. It is very touching and I urge you to take a few minutes to check it out!

If you haven't liked us on Facebook or Instagram yet, this is a great time to do it as I will be sharing daily pictures and updates of my trip there!
Thank you again for making this possible! The children you serve by contributing to this ministry are knowing a different life because of your generosity!
La Revedere,

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Project Hope for the Children, Inc: 5 Weeks to Go

Project Hope for the Children, Inc: 5 Weeks to Go: The Latest at PHFTC Hello Everyone!   I am so eager to be back in Romania soon~ 5 weeks to be exact! But there is still so much to do befo...

5 Weeks to Go

The Latest at PHFTC

Hello Everyone!

  I am so eager to be back in Romania soon~ 5 weeks to be exact! But there is still so much to do before I get there! We have added two new Board Members to our Board, which I will introduce in the next letter! We are very thankful for their interest and excited to see how God uses their talents for this Ministry!

I have received many Loveys from kind women who have been sewing all year; Desitan rash cream, onsies and beautiful wall cling donations from so many! I also hope to take over something new this year; fabric books for the hospital babies that can be washed frequently. 

  I have received the wonderful news that the Oradea hospital after looking at my medical tests and childcare classes has accepted me back in to work this year! This is such a praise and I cannot explain how fearful I was of not being able to hold those precious babies myself!

Please continue to pray for funding! We had over $1200 come in for March Madness and we have just received a $2000 donation to cover our employee in Sibiu's part time salary! We also have a great Sock Fundraiser going on right now and numerous generous donations from individuals coming in weekly. However, we still will need several more thousand to be up to budget for the end of the year and we are so thankful to all of you who have supported us this year!

If you haven't checked out our website in a while go on over and see the 2017 pie chart. We are also adding testimonials from employees and partner foundations for you to read. Also, if you haven't added this email to your contacts, please do. We have been getting some bounces and for some our updates are going into their Spam accounts.



  Baby N is 6 months old in our room with Bronchitus