Monday, August 25, 2014

On to Sibiu

  Dear Friends,

   The Board at Project Hope for the Children and I have been so excited about an opportunity to expand and help even more children! earlier in the year we were asked if we could start helping a pediatric hospital in the city of Sibiu, Romania. We researched how that would look and the woman, Cornelia, that would be handling the distribution of the supplies. After sending down a small bath of supplies Cornelia approached the Nursing Director about something permanent.After a phone interview with Alina, the hospital invited us down for a full interview when I would be in the country.

   On Thursday, Alina and I started out early in the morning via train for Sibiu. It is an eight hour trip on cold war trains with filthy bathrooms~ needless to say it was not a comfortable trip. However, the countryside was lovely and when we reached the city of Sibiu, Alina and I were treated to a city filled with beauty!

   Friday morning we arrived the hospital around 10am for our interview and were very warmly greeted by Cornelia and the Director of Nurses, Carmen. God gave me the words (in Romanian) to introduce myself and the ministry and how he hoped to help the social babies. Alina was able to explain her job in Oradea and how we operated there. We stated that we wanted to help the whole child as much as possible. Not just with diapers and wipes, but with stimuli such as: music, color, pictures, baby gear and loveys for their cribs. Amazingly, Carmen readily agreed to anything we wanted to do!

   We will be supplying one ward for now and hope to increase next year to the full hospital next year. This one hospital would cost about $6,000 a year. Our hospital in Oradea costs over $6000 a year and some of the other foundations we help cost us between $1,000-2,000 a year. This does not include operating and travel expenses or Alina's salary. Please pray that more donations come in the next couple of months so that we can continue to cover everything!

  The babies were so sweet in Sibiu and I regret that I cannot post pictures of their adorable faces due to confidentiality, but I can show you some other pictures of our time there!

  Oradea Train Station                                          Pediatric Hospital of Sibiu

L-R  Cornelia, Alina, Carmen, Ramona       Cornelia, our liaison
        Enjoying the beauty of Sibiu

For more pictures of our trip you can find us on facebook

Ali and I were so blessed by the warmth and excitement that the hospital showed us and we are excited at this new opportunity to serve the children of Sibiu! Thank you for your part in that!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Visit to Tinca

One of the many places I went this year was to Tinca where Romanian Relief and Forget Me Not Ministries are located. I was able to see RR's Medical Clinic again this year where they give ultrasounds, medicines and counseling. PHFTC was able to donate about $500 worth of diapers to the children that they have in their group homes and foster care.

I also had the privilege of visiting Forget Me Not Ministries again! This year I was able to see the garden that the Roma's have planted under FMNM's supervision and was able to attend a Joy Beadz session. I have been selling the bracelets as a fundraiser for both of our ministries this year and it has been great for both our foundations! PHFTC was able to purchase about $500 in diapers and wipes for one of the projects FMNM has.
Here are some pictures from there!

Thank-you to Sarah, Lavinia, Rachel and Dave for your hospitality! Can't wait to see you next year!  ~Mona