Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Blessings to you All!

  I want to thank you all for your support this past year! It has been a great year for Project Hope for the Children and we have so many things to be thankful for! Just a quick recap of the year:

   Alina has continued to work for our ministry and is such a valuable asset! She has had so many wonderful sponsors pay her salary and she wants everyone to know how grateful she is! She has persevered through physical ailments and the hardships of losing several of our babies to heaven this year so your support is so encouraging to her!

   Donations were generous this year and we were able to not only collaborate with our usual foundations in the hospital and buy our regular supplies, but we also purchased $2,000 worth of medicine and diapers for two additional foundations! My heart was so Blessed to be able to do this!

   The whole Cummings family traveled to Romania this year and it is so special for me to hear my four year olds talk about the babies in the hospital and how much help they need! "Train them up in the way they shall go and when they are old they shall not depart from it...."

   We have completed the renovations of our supply room in the Plugar's basement! Ali and I are so pleased with the finished result and so humbled by the willingness of people here and there to help us!

   This blog site is doing well and spreading the word about PHFTC and our Face Book page is gaining more followers. Still trying to tweak the new Mail Chimp updates. We have chosen four lovely individuals to start our Board next month and I can't wait to get started and see what Next Year brings! We have also been Blessed with people spreading the word about the Ministry and I have spoken at several new places this year. Keep up the good work!

Enjoy this Season and remember the God who blesses us so much!



Friday, December 6, 2013


Hello Everyone!

  Every now and again I run across an article or such that depicts what children have and do suffer. The one that I watched last night is one that needs to be shared! It is approximately 60 minutes and I do not expect you all to sit for that long; however, please follow the link at the bottom of the page and just watch for 5 or 10 minutes. Make sure you start at the beginning!

What you see is very graphic, but it is all to common. It is why I have this passion for Romani and for the children that we serve. It is why Project Hope for the Children is such a vital mission to these children that have no hope! What you will see are glimpses into what thousands of Romanian children have suffered and a small degree of things I have personally witnessed.

At this Christmas time, please remember how blessed we are and think how you can change someone else's life for the better!

In His Love,


Monday, November 11, 2013

An Update

Hello Everyone!

    I hoped you all enjoyed Jack's perspective on his trip to Romania. Even though it was his second trip over, it is still so interesting for me to hear his point of views of my "home"! I have a few things occurring within the Ministry that I wanted to fill you in on.

    We have received four very special applications for PHFTC's Board! Our treasurer and I reviewed them the other day and were delighted in all of them. They each bring something very special with them and we will be contacting their references soon! Our target date is to meet after the Holidays! Also, please pray for the finance committee at my church; they are undergoing some changes with the new year and we will be getting a new treasurer to oversee PHFTC. So there will be some challenges in that area as well!

   A unique event coming up is the Fabius-Pompey Holiday Bazaar that is being held on November 23rd from 10-2pm at the Fabius Community Center. This Bazaar highlights local non-profits and I am so excited to be a part of it this year. If you are looking for a beautiful Christmas wreath or swag come on down! Wreathmania is a business that a friend started to fund Project Hope for the Children! All profits go to the ministry! I will also have bead necklaces for sale to profit the ministry! If anyone has something that you would like to donate for us to sell at this fundraiser please contact me:)

  Lastly, our renovations are still coming along! Painfully slow for this New Yorker, but it looks like it is being done well! We have hit a snag with our floor to ceiling shelves! It is very difficult to find real wood in Romania, but I believe thanks to the help of some friends that we have found a place that sells rough cut lumber. I am hoping we can get them sanded and painted and the price will not break the bank!

Also, if you are a facebook friend remember to like our page at

Many Blessings to you All,



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Renovations Part 3

SO the renovations are coming along a little slower than we hoped, but it is due to the dampness. WE want everything dried completely before continuing onto the next step and in a basement that is difficult. Here are some recent pictures of the flooring:)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Man's Perspective

This is my husband's guest post about our recent trip to Romania. As writing is not his thing, I am so appreciative of his effort!

What I did on my mission trip to Oradea, Romania.

Our trip started by driving to JFK airport in NYC. After leaving 1/2 hour late, sitting one hour in a traffic jam before we got to NYC, and making a wrong turn just before the extended stay parking area, we were then dropped off at the wrong terminal at the airport. We then had to get on the train that was across the two lane highway and go back 1/4 mile to the correct terminal. 4 checked bags = 180 lbs. & 5 carryon's = 120 lbs. Happy Day!  We did all this with two 4 year olds that could barely carry their carry on and push their own strollers. We missed our flight and ended up spending the night there :(  So I can't just blame it on TOO MUCH luggage!  $338 each x4 to get back on track the following day :(  Talk about being a nervous wreck!  A 7 hour flight from JFK to Frankfort, Germany, a 2 hour flight to Budapest, Hungry, and then a 4 hour transport to Oradea, Romania finally got us where we needed to be.


 The first day there our family visited the hospital where Ramona’s ministry, Project Hope for the Children has been working for ten years now. Ramona supplies diapers, wipes, cereal, hygiene products, vitamins and toys for the hospital’s social babies that are warehoused in the hospital until they are placed in foster care, an orphanage or are returned home. The doctors and nurses were great and loved seeing Ramona and all of her caring supplies. Our kids loved visiting the babies and wanted to help.

The biggest reason that these babies are abandoned has been because of their Roma Gypsy origin. The parents just drop them off at the hospital and many times never come back for them. Because they're Gypsy no one local wants to adopt a child of this culture. The government has closed international adoptions stating to the other countries that they don't have a problem with abandoned children:( The hospital asks us not to take any pictures of the kids in their care, so you will not see any of these. We did, however, take a few photos at the other two foundations that we visited. You will see us delivering diapers at a Gypsy village and some locals transporting goods.


While Ramona was working and shopping for the babies, I daily drove out to the village of  Sant Andre about 8 Kilometers out of town and worked for the foundation, Children in the Son. This ministry has a home called Acasa Agape (House of Love). This houses several Gypsy boys during the school year. As the boys are from remote villages that don't have higher grade levels, this allows them to further their education by going to a high school and making more of themselves and their community. It has proven to be a great asset to the region. We hope it remains open because the mayor, that donated the property, is now trying to take it back because the property value has increased.

Children in the Son allowed me to use their van to commute and carry supplies. That was interesting, driving in a country that speaks a different language :(  Some of the things I accomplished while there was staining the large outdoor table and benches, scrapping the lawn mower (blown main bearings) and fixing the weed whacker so I could mow the lawn. I also stripped and painted 3 "very" large yard planters, repaired some walls in the house and put up some cork board panels for the boys to hang pictures on.

I was especially taken by two other foundations we visited one day.  One is fostering and placing children from the hospitals into group and foster homes. This foundation, Romanian Relief, also runs a free medical clinic. The other is trying to educate the new parents (very young Gypsy parents) how to break the negative cycle that they have learned from their culture.  This foundation is Forget Me Not Ministries and they provide a daycare, work projects and aid to one of the largest Roma villages in the county (about 3000 people in one quarter of a square mile). This is where we visited the Gypsy village and saw where many of the hospital babies come from. Ramona was excited because Project Hope for the Children was able to partner with these foundations and purchase $2,000 worth of supplies for them.


Can you say tram? Andrew can! Morning, noon or in the middle of the night; every time one goes by the apartment window he tells us and what color it is. The children spent their time at the babysitter’s and enjoyed meeting old and new friends! They did very well during our time there and were great sports with our different routines!

On the way home, we again traveled 4 hours by car to Budapest where we spent a whole day touring the city that is all about the Danube River. Awesome! The next day we flew on to Zurich, Switzerland then back to NYC.  Andrew and Katie our two four year olds did very well! Or as well as a 4 year old can do on a plane for 8 hours!! (Picture two of us in the airplane bathroom and Andrew calling the stewardess every time he found a button. Yes! He is a button pusher:) All in all it was a great trip!


*FYI Gas was $6 a gallon and they only sold 95 octane, 90% of the vehicles are diesel and all are standard transmission.



May God Bless the children!



Monday, October 14, 2013

Renovations part 2

The reno is coming along wonderfully! Here are some more pictures! The electric will be worked on next then the tiles and paint. Can anyone guess what colors I picked???


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Renovations part 1

Before I left for Romania, the Lord laid it on my heart to ask Alina about renovating their cellar room where we house all of PHFTC's supplies. For the past ten years the Plugars have virtually given this room over to our supplies and only stored a very few items in it~ all without thought of charge or reimbursement!

Over the years, I replaced a window and a door but that is all. Last year, I noticed an overwhelming mold smell which concerned me. So this year I thought it would be a great idea to totally renovate the room and install shelving and cupboards for our growing supply stash!

 I mentioned it to Ali and found out that just that week they had a contractor come and give them an estimate, but realized that they could not afford the costs! It was a clear green light to go forward! I met with the contractor and work has started!

 Here are some pictures of the beginning of the work and I will be keeping you updated as we go along. If anyone wants to donate to this project, we would really appreciate it! Total estimate is around $800-$1,000 for everything. It sounds like a lot but we cannot afford to have our supplies and food damaged in any way.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Going Strong

I am carving out some time today to write an update for you all of our time in Romania. I say carve, because life has been insane since returning to the States a few weeks ago. I am so grateful for all of you that have asked about the trip and continued to ask me for more updates~ it means so much to me! I will write today's post from my point of view and soon I will post one from Jack so you can hear and see all that he did during our time there!

This year when we flew, we had $12,000 in our account! For those who have followed this ministry from the beginning you understand how amazing that is! Ten years ago, I would fly with $1,000 for six month's worth of supplies. Project Hope for the Children has grown so much over the past decade and I am pleased! It is like watching one of your children growing, maturing and making wise decisions:)
Shampoo, Oil, Lice Treatment, Cereal, Rash Cream
Detergent and Fabric Softner
Diapers, Wipes and Cereal

After the rough travel and the first initial days of settling in and visiting two new foundations, life took on a routine. I was able to visit with "my children". I have a 14 year old and an 11 year old over there in foster care. These were two of the three children I cared for in the orphanage when I lived there. I have been able to keep contact with them and care for them in small ways throughout the year. My cup was running over to be with them and to share my family with them!

Friday was a work day at the hospital for me. I was allowed "my usual privileges" there and especially enjoyed holding the small ones close and noticing how one particularly fussy child relaxed in my arms and slept peacefully despite her chronic pain. I met some of the new women that work for the foundations that I collaborate with and reacquainted myself with the old ones.

I met with a contractor friend of Alina's and put into action the remodeling of our supply room. For the past ten years, the Plugar Family has basically turned over one of their cellar rooms for the storage of our supplies. As the supplies grew, they removed more and more of their things. In the past, I purchased a new window and new door to keep our items safe and dry, but it had become apparent that we needed to renovate the entire room now. Must has been creeping in and the towers of diapers are increasingly unsteady. Alina and I came up with a design of floor to ceiling shelves for the diapers and baby gear and more cupboards to house all of our smaller supplies plus new walls, flooring, ceiling and electric. I cannot wait to see the finished result! (I'll keep you posted)

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's hours were filled completely as I struggled to do everything before we left. Worked in the hospital in the mornings and visited with the different foundation women and their children. I saw many children that were still there from last year and some from many years back. Second on the agenda was to order supplies for Forget Me Not Ministries and Romanian Relief. (Mine being ordered the week before) We ordered $1,000 worth of diapers for FMNM and $1,000 worth of vitamins and Ibuprofen for RR. All were safely delivered!
I was able to have dinner with several dear friends and our new friend, Florian, who opened his home to us and was extremely gracious! I was even able to go to the hospital one night and see my favorite nurse, "Greeny", who was doing light duty. This woman was the one I feared and disliked the most when I first started there and one that I have come to respect and love the most over the years:) And yes, she has purple hair, obviously not why I named her "Greeny" years ago!

At the end of my time there, I can say that I was able to accomplish all that needed to be done with the help of several friends! Alina and her family gave up nine days to cater to us in whatever way we needed. Paula drove me around to shop for supplies, Sarah and crew and Rachel and crew gave up their day to show Jack and I their ministries, Mia and Magda let me love on their children, my church family was welcoming, the hospital staff gracious and grateful and Florian super accommodating. Though the time was too short for me and I left unwillingly, I knew that God had blessed the trip and I am thankful for all that was accomplished in such a short time!

                         Can't wait till next year!


left: the Plugar Family

below: our landlord, Florian

(If you have any questions or comments about PHFTC please leave a comment below)

* For confidentiality reasons few pictures of the hospital are used and only ones that children cannot be identified. NO pictures with hospital babies may be removed from this site or published in any other media, please. Disregard of this could result in my ministry being banned from the hospital

Sunday, September 15, 2013


He lay in the corner crib, propped up, eyes open and staring. All was quiet until choking and gurgles filled the room. Frightened, my mama instincts heightened, I looked over quickly to see his eyes bulging; struggling to breathe as dark phlegm was expelled from his mouth. Alina hurried to him; helping him upright and wiping the phlegm from his mouth. I watched her tenderness with him, but knew her heart because my own was going through the same struggle.

You see little Benjamin has a lung disorder and a brain disorder. Neither look good long term. Days before when I had entered the room, I had greeted all the babies. Benjamin caught me though. Each breathe was a struggle for him, eating an arduous ordeal and yet he would try to smile and every once in a while emit a little sound as he tried to communicate; tried to thank the loving hands that cared for him.

I did not want to get attached. I have been down that road before and it always means pain. Because you know that one day this little one will go and join the Maker that created him and you will be left with a hole in your heart. And yet, this child has value... Alina knows that too. Benjamin did not ask to be born this way or to live sometimes with his Roma parents and sometimes at the hospital, yet he still finds it in him to smile, to gurgle. If he can be that resilient then so can I.

 So I dried my tears and went over to thank him for the lesson learned once again...

*I am so thankful that this Ministry (that the Lord has given me) focuses on the value of people. It doesn't matter their age, health, culture or sex; it feeds them and loves them and shows Jesus to them!
Thank-you for being a part of that!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Update From Romania- August 30, 2013

Hi Friends!

    Just a quick update to let you know how this trip is going. We have been busy catching up with jobs, meetings and seeing friends. Yesterday, Jack and I went out to Tinca, a town about 40km from Oradea. There we toured two foundations that are run by women I know and hope to donate to their cause. Romanian Relief is housing abandoned children with disabilities, placing children in foster care and providing free medical assistance at their clinic. We were very impressed with their foresight and dedication to the Roma people!

   The second foundation, Forget Me Not Ministries, has an incredible team and vision! They work with Roma families by providing child care, Bible studies, hygiene lessons, and work support for the men and women in the Gypsy village. We were able to accompany them to the local village and hand out diapers to the young women with babies. (By young, I mean fourteen and fifteen year olds that already have one or two children). Jack and I were so amazed and impressed at this ministry and their Christian commitment to help others!

   Today, Jack went out to a local village and started work at a friend's foundation. Children in the Son operates a home for gypsy boys who want to get a good high school and college education. These boys stay at the home during the week and attend school in Oradea then return to their villages on the weekend. There are several tasks that need to be accomplished there before school starts and Jack has eagerly jumped in to help! He even drove their van around Oradea and didn't get lost! I am so proud of him!

    I worked in the hospital this morning . We have two very sick babies on Premature
and it was so hard to see them struggle to breathe and survive! Later, Alina and I went to the bank to pay our wholesaler, who later dropped off about half of the supplies that will carry us through the year. During the afternoon, a dear friend of mine drove me around the city on various errands for the Ministry that I needed to complete! We were able to spend some time catching up, as well as accomplishing my tasks! Thanks Paula!

   The children have adjusted well to the time change and have been good for their sitters:) Today they were ecstatic when they were taken on the trams throughout the city. Andrew has been begging us to take him ever since we arrived, but hating to tram myself I am ever so grateful to Ada and Elysei for volunteering!

  Thank you all for your prayers for our health! We seem to be improving and managing well! Looking forward to a weekend of visiting and more purchasing!


    Mona and Crew

                                               The group from Forget Me Not Ministries
                                                          Our trip to the Roma Village
Ramona snuggling a precious newborn
                                             One of Romanian Relief's lovely group homes

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder

 Eagerness and anticipation fill our van along with about 275lbs of luggage,  2 children and 2 weary adults! We are headed to NYC as I type and prepared to take the 10pm flight that will eventually lead us to Romania some 22 hours later! We all still have our sinus/ear infections, but are feeling better due to antibiotics~ Praise God!

I have so many things to accomplish trip which include: purchasing supplies, touring two new foundations and their work with babies and their families, possibly getting renovation work done on the supply room that the Family Plugar allow me to use rent free, as well as HOLDING THE BABIES!!!

The children will be going to the nanny's and Jack will be working for the foundation Children in the Son on some fix it work at one of their locations. And of course, we are hoping for some wonderful fellowship with old and new friends.

I will try to post as much as possible on this site so if you haven't already signed up for the emails to be sent automatically to you, now would be a great time. You can do that on our home page:)

Blessings to you all!

   The Cummings