Saturday, April 8, 2017

March Madness Update

Hello Friends,

  It is quiet in the house this afternoon, a rarity it seems and I am tempted to take a nap (also a rarity), but I didn't want to let too much time go by before I updated you on the March Madness Fundraiser results. We had several people join us as monthly donors and we added $240 extra a month, bringing our monthly donations to $626.33. Having a consistent amount of money is fantastic for any ministry and we so appreciate all you do!!

  I am leaving May 3rd for Romania and will be there for two weeks. This year, I am traveling alone and have a full schedule planned already! I will be working at the two hospitals, of course, holding the babies and doing whatever our employee, Alina lets me do. LOL!  I will be purchasing supplies for the hospitals as well as, connecting with the multiple directors of the foundations we help; finding out what their needs are and purchasing them. A stop to see the women who make the JoyBeadz is also a must!

 I am also hoping to go into one of the city's orphanages with a friend this year to see how the children are living there and to talk with the kids. The new after school daycare project we have been helping with should be close to opening and I have purchased several educational wall clings to decorate the building with. We are very excited about this new project starting and the impact it could have on these tender Roma children being raised in abject poverty.

We still need donations so if you are interested in giving a one time gift of any amount, it will be put to good use! Above all else, please keep us in your prayers specifically for traveling safety and strength for myself and protection and peace at home for my family.

Many Blessings,


Project Hope for the Children, Inc
6983 Chase Rd
Fabius, NY 13063

Monday, April 3, 2017

March Madness 5

Good Afternoon!

  Just a gentle reminder that if you wanted to take part in the March Madness Fundraiser today is the last day! We are looking for monthly sponsors as we increase our budget. We have had several jump on board and we are so grateful, but we haven't met our goal yet so if this was something you were thinking about, here's your chance!

We are looking for two groups of monthly givers:

#1 The Sweet Sixteens: This group will make a pledge of $15-$35 a month

#2 The Elite Eight:  This group will make a pledge of $40 or more a month

** and if you want to do smaller amounts that is welcome too

You can put us on your online bill pay, make a bank to bank transfer or set up a recurring payment on PayPal if you don't want to remember writing a check each month:) And if you can't make a monthly contribution, we will be accepting donations through the month of April for my trip in May!

I am putting together my trip this week and in my next email will tell you all the things that are planned for the 2017 Spring Trip! As always, thank you for your interest, support and prayers!

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