Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Giving Tuesday 2020

 This past year, we have been able to help the social babies at the pediatric hospital in Sibiu, feed orphans at a private orphanage, stock a Co-op for Roma mothers, feed and educate a group of 50 children at an afterschool program, then feed those children's families during the pandemic. 

Now, we are reaching into Puerto Rico and sponsoring a deaf, foster child to have a good education in a school that will specifically cater to his needs! And when it is safe to travel, I will be touring orphanages in Puerto Rico to access if we can donate basic baby essentials to them, as well. 

All this has been accomplished through prayer and your financial aid! Today is Giving Tuesday and with Covid making it impossible to speak and fundraise in person, this fundraiser is vital! Please stop by our Facebook page and donate today and the next few days. 100% of the donations will come to us! 

If you don't have Facebook you can go directly to our website and either shop our Catalog or make a general donation there! 

Thank you for taking the time and may this season bring you many blessings in return!


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

September Update


The Latest at PHFTC

Hello Friends,

   I trust that you all had an enjoyable and safe summer! I was able to spend many hours of quality family time with my children and take a break! However, I was never able to travel over to Romania because of the Corona Virus,and that has been very hard to be away from my "home" and work. I know there was a reason, but not being there when so many need help has been trying for me. Nevertheless, I wanted to present to you a little of what PHFTC has still been able to accomplish in the past several months and update you on some prayer needs.

Our hospital supplies in Sibiu, were stretched from my purchases in November, mainly due to the fact that there were fewer children being dropped off because of the lock down. Cornelia, our Volunteer Nurse Liaison, sent us a list of needed items for the babies and Andrea, our contracted Director of Romanian Ministries shopped for the baby supplies and had them shipped down. The hospital is doing well and there haven't been any cases in among our babies.

We also needed to purchase more books for the social children in the hospital. If you remember, these books (or stuffed animals) are often sent back with the child to wherever they call "home", IF they do leave. This gives the little ones something special of their own to help with their attachment issues. Andrea, found many lovely books and had them shipped down, as well!


With the return of children to the After School Program, food was needed to feed 50 little mouths. Andrea, along with the Directors of the program spent an afternoon searching for the best buys to feed these kids over the next several weeks.


Forget Me Not Ministries was also able to go shopping this summer to fill their Co-Op for the Fall months. The shelves were bare, but thankfully PHFTC was able to purchase $2000 worth of food, hygiene products, and diapers so the Roma mothers can shop with the money they make from creating the JoyBeadz and working odd jobs. We are so pleased to be able to work alongside this ministry; empowering woman so there is less abandonment!

Your donations and support made this all possible and we cannot thank you enough for partnering with us so we can continue to aid poor and neglected children!


Our Needs:

* More Board Members
* Wisdom on opening our Project in Puerto Rico
*Opportunities to Raise Money in a Covid Culture
* Enough money in the Budget to help all the non profits asking us for supplies
* Wisdom as we revise our By-Laws to reflect new NYS Laws

Your prayers, ideas,and help in these matters are very important to us! Thank you again for your interest and support! If you aren't already, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook atProject Hope for the Children, Inc. We post regularly. 


Ramona Petrella Cummings
Executive Director


Thursday, March 19, 2020

March Madness #2

The Latest at PHFTC

   Good Morning Friends!

     A lot has changed in our world since the last email sent out! I had intended on sending more emails out as we are running out annual March Madness Fundraiser, but with the chaos in our world and my children coming home and schooling here, there hasn't been much time! Everywhere, we are all juggling new responsibilities, less social interactions, and uncertainties in the days ahead. Thankfully, we have a God that reminds us that we might make our plans, but He guides and directs our days!

   Our goal for this fundraiser is to raise $2,000. We have received $425 via Facebook and $500 in the mail so we are almost halfway to our goal for this particular fundraiser. Thank you so much! We now just need $1,075 to come in before March 31st! If you have forgotten to send in your donation or participated in our FB fundraiser, we completely understand! The good news is: You still have time!

  We are continuing to purchase supplies for the hospital in Sibiu, purchasing and reselling Joy Beadz to help empower the Roma women of Tinca support their families and supply food and supplies to the after-school program and other foundations.

   I have a trip planned for April 24th that I doubt I will be able to go on. Unfortunately, I have to wait closer to the time to be able to postpone or cancel due to the overwhelming amount of current cancellations. Please pray that we have guidance about when to go and safety for the world as the virus spreads and more shortages occur. This weekend, we will be purchasing $500 in food for a very poor gypsy community that did not have the money to have reserve foods. Now with the lack of work for the parents to do, the children are starting to go hungry.
You can Join us on Facebook here:

Or on our website at:http://www.projecthopeforthechildren.org




With Gratefulness,


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

March Madness 2020

The Latest at PHFTC

Hello Friends,

   March has arrived again and with that the anniversary of my arrival in Romania and the birth of this ministry in 2003! It is also when I typically start my speaking and fundraising for the year's budgetary needs. March is set aside to reminisce and plan ahead!     March Madness has started!

   With the addition of the project we are hoping to start in Puerto Rico, our project with the pediatric hospital in Sibiu, and the many foundations that we support with supplies, our budget has increased this year. Amazingly, all of the things that we do and the travel expenses that go with that is only about $55,000. We currently have about a quarter of that and need another quarter before I leave for my trip to Romania in April. This month there will be many updates and posts to educate and excite all of you towards our goals!

  Please join me and all the Project Hope for the Children's partners in supporting us this year with a financial donation. We are asking for more monthly sponsors to join us so we can effectively plan our budget for the year. Monthly partners, feel an ownership in what PHFTC is able to accomplish and we love sharing the excitement with you all! Obviously, not all of us can contribute monthly and we understand that completely! Your gift is just has valued and coveted and we are so grateful that you would choose us to steward your money in the direction of your passion of helping the abandoned and needy!

  As always, you can check out our website at http://www.projecthopeforthechildren.com. We have a PayPal donate button there to facilitate all currencies. You can also send a check to PHFTC 6983 Chase Rd, Fabius, NY 13063. And please follow us on Facebook and Instagram under Project Hope for the Children, Inc to get updates, pictures, and information. I am looking forward to this month and all that we can do together to care for others in Romania and beyond!



Ramona Petrella Cummings
Executive Director



Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Project Hope for the Children, Inc: NewYear; New Dreams

Project Hope for the Children, Inc: NewYear; New Dreams: The Latest at PHFTC   Dear Friends,   I hope your New Year has started out with blessings and the affirmation that you are important and h...

NewYear; New Dreams

The Latest at PHFTC

  Dear Friends,

  I hope your New Year has started out with blessings and the affirmation that you are important and have much impact on this world! I am continually reminded that we are each here for a purpose, whether it is encouraging a stranger or a friend, making a meal for someone, paying someone's utilities, or donating money to a cause, you are here for a reason- to make this world a better place!
   Recently, I took my son to an elder care home and had him pass out flowers and use his gifts of smiles and dance to bless the occupants. They were so happy to see a young, vibrant boy in their midst willing to give them a breath of Springtime and a hug. As I watched, Andrew became more and more happy as he saw their joy! I explained to him later that dancing not only can bring him pleasure, but others as well, and in return he felt fulfilled too. I realized that I was merely being the vehicle for him to use his talents to bless others.
    That is what we at PHFTC are praying we will be for you this year - a conduit of your dreams and goals! Our work to help others that are abandoned and needy continues on! Even with the changes happening in our projects, we are eager to see what will happen in the next few months and how our reach will broaden!
   For those of you that haven't heard yet, Alina, our long time employee, resigned at the end of the year. She has been working tirelessly for many years with not only our foundation, but others and is need of a rest. She will be training our new employee, Andrea this month for the position of Director of Romanian Outreach. This is a part time position doing the managerial work in Romania and her sponsored salary will be less than Alina's. *Please see her bio below. We are also looking for a part time Maternal Assistant for the Sibiu Hospital.

   We also have a new opportunity presenting itself that we are beginning to explore. Many of you might remember that I lived in Puerto Rico for a short period and volunteered at a Christian school for the deaf. The director there and I will be writing letters to the many orphanages on the island to see if there are any deaf children that are being "lost in the system". PHFTC would provide sponsors for the children so they could be housed and taught in their language at the school! At this time, we don't know if there are any such children, but we want to investigate this area. This will also give us as a non profit the introduction into these orphanages so we might see if they need any donations of basic essentials for the children housed in the orphanages. With the recent hurricanes and earthquakes, I feel strongly that this is a location that could use our help! 

Please Pray for:
  1. Our new employee, Andrea
  2. Hiring another employee in Sibiu
  3. Starting a new project in Puerto Rico
  4. Fundraising this spring - the need is about $20,000 
  5. My Spring trip to Romania


* For the past seven years I have had the amazing privilege to live as a missionary in Romania. God gave me the opportunity to use my experience as a teacher and youth leader to minister to the poor and orphaned, to bring them hope and healing through education and discipleship. By teaching in the poor villages and taking in orphans on the weekends, I realize that not only has God transformed others lives but He has transformed me in the process! What He has done in me is greater than anything He can do through me because serving Him is all about knowing Him. So I am thankful to now have another opportunity to know Him more by serving under Project Hope For The Children.

Growing up in a small town in Vermont I never imagined that God would send me halfway across the world but I am so grateful to be in Romania. I have learned so much more than just a new language. I have learned that God's love for me and others is deeper than I ever imagined. It has been such a joy to share His heart... to proclaim His message of grace... and to let His great love continue to change me and others around me as I journey with Him. 

Thank you for your support, prayers, and emails! They mean so much!

In Him,