Thursday, March 19, 2020

March Madness #2

The Latest at PHFTC

   Good Morning Friends!

     A lot has changed in our world since the last email sent out! I had intended on sending more emails out as we are running out annual March Madness Fundraiser, but with the chaos in our world and my children coming home and schooling here, there hasn't been much time! Everywhere, we are all juggling new responsibilities, less social interactions, and uncertainties in the days ahead. Thankfully, we have a God that reminds us that we might make our plans, but He guides and directs our days!

   Our goal for this fundraiser is to raise $2,000. We have received $425 via Facebook and $500 in the mail so we are almost halfway to our goal for this particular fundraiser. Thank you so much! We now just need $1,075 to come in before March 31st! If you have forgotten to send in your donation or participated in our FB fundraiser, we completely understand! The good news is: You still have time!

  We are continuing to purchase supplies for the hospital in Sibiu, purchasing and reselling Joy Beadz to help empower the Roma women of Tinca support their families and supply food and supplies to the after-school program and other foundations.

   I have a trip planned for April 24th that I doubt I will be able to go on. Unfortunately, I have to wait closer to the time to be able to postpone or cancel due to the overwhelming amount of current cancellations. Please pray that we have guidance about when to go and safety for the world as the virus spreads and more shortages occur. This weekend, we will be purchasing $500 in food for a very poor gypsy community that did not have the money to have reserve foods. Now with the lack of work for the parents to do, the children are starting to go hungry.
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With Gratefulness,


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

March Madness 2020

The Latest at PHFTC

Hello Friends,

   March has arrived again and with that the anniversary of my arrival in Romania and the birth of this ministry in 2003! It is also when I typically start my speaking and fundraising for the year's budgetary needs. March is set aside to reminisce and plan ahead!     March Madness has started!

   With the addition of the project we are hoping to start in Puerto Rico, our project with the pediatric hospital in Sibiu, and the many foundations that we support with supplies, our budget has increased this year. Amazingly, all of the things that we do and the travel expenses that go with that is only about $55,000. We currently have about a quarter of that and need another quarter before I leave for my trip to Romania in April. This month there will be many updates and posts to educate and excite all of you towards our goals!

  Please join me and all the Project Hope for the Children's partners in supporting us this year with a financial donation. We are asking for more monthly sponsors to join us so we can effectively plan our budget for the year. Monthly partners, feel an ownership in what PHFTC is able to accomplish and we love sharing the excitement with you all! Obviously, not all of us can contribute monthly and we understand that completely! Your gift is just has valued and coveted and we are so grateful that you would choose us to steward your money in the direction of your passion of helping the abandoned and needy!

  As always, you can check out our website at We have a PayPal donate button there to facilitate all currencies. You can also send a check to PHFTC 6983 Chase Rd, Fabius, NY 13063. And please follow us on Facebook and Instagram under Project Hope for the Children, Inc to get updates, pictures, and information. I am looking forward to this month and all that we can do together to care for others in Romania and beyond!



Ramona Petrella Cummings
Executive Director