Monday, February 25, 2019


Hello Friends!

  Before our March Madness Fundraising starts, I wanted to finish writing about the other half of our ministry. As you know, the hospital work is how this ministry got started, but more and more, I was noticing a need elsewhere. 

Many of my friends had NGO's in Romania and were working directly with parents and their children at a grassroots level. The philosophy is that when you can retrain and empower mothers (and fathers) to care for their families and when you can educate families spiritually and academically then you will see a change. When children are literate and educated about the outside world THIS will end the abandonment issue!

I love this heartbeat and I have seen fruits of this type of training so we at PHFTC started partnering in small ways to help. Last year, we helped four other foundations by donating baby supplies, school materials, appliances, and food! These foundations run preschools, afterschool programs, foster and safe homes, food co-ops, and work opportunities for women (Aka JoyBeadz).

Every year, I look forward to visiting with the directors or managers, seeing the improvements and asking how we can bless them that year. We have had seen so many signs of improvement and even though we are small, we have seen where God has used us when fundraising for another foundation has been low. It has been so awesome to be part of this project and we thank you for the part you have played in it!

Please enjoy the pictures of the places and people we have shared about and if you have time click on the pictures to go to their links and see what their ministries accomplish.

Also, I am excited to announce that our website now has an online catalog where you can "order" supplies by donating to something specific! This is a great way to get your family, classroom, home-school  or Scouts group and Sunday School class involved! Let me know what you think!

Association Smile and Hope for the Future

New Life for Children

Forget Me not Ministries

Romanian Relief/Humanitas