Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wrappin' It Up!

Dear Friends,

   As we come to the end of the year and enter into the Christmas Season, I want to thank you for making Project Hope for the Children possible! We have seen so many blessings and opportunities this year come about by your faithful support! I would like to highlight a few for you!

  In 2016 we were able to:

         Continue supporting some wards in the Oradea Hospital. This means that we bought supplies sch as: diapers, wipes, cereal, shampoo, baby gear, gloves, cleaning supplies, sheets, towels and creams for the Premature Ward, as well as helping other foundations on the Genetica Ward and elsewhere. 

               We were able to continue to pay a salary with insurance and Social Security to Alina ,our very dedicated Sponsored Employee. She works tirelessly with the babies on her ward. It has been a difficult year for her with one of our babies passing away and another one critically ill.

  We donated around $1500 in food supplies to the organization Romanian Relief (http://romanianrelief.org) for their foster care programs.

     We donated over $1000 worth of diapers and wipes to Forget Me Not Ministries (http://fmnministries.org/) for their store. This store is used by the Roma community for their needs. We also have purchased several times from their JoyBeadz store and sold the Roma women's jewelry in an effort to make them self sustaining, which means less abandonment at the hospitals!

         We have continued to support and buy baby supplies for our Hospital in Sibiu. We have one Volunteer Nurse Liaison there, Cornelia, and we average over 30 babies and children a month. 

         This year we have had the great opportunity to partner with a new Romanian Association called Asociata Zambet si Sperenta Viitor, who is starting an after school program in their village for Roma children, This program is supported by the City Hall and will provide a meal, hygiene training, Bible stories and homework help to the destitute children in that village. We were so impressed by their vision and love for the gypsy families that we have been purchasing building supplies for the renovation of the building they will use. (https://www.facebook.com/ -Zambet-si-Speranta-Pentru-Viitor-1573821832835088/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE).

    I have also been very busy this year with more speaking engagements and more time spenton this Ministry I love so much!

   In 2017, we are looking into the future and praying about how we can expand

              We are looking to add to our Board.~ If you are interested please contact                           me!
              We are hoping to set up a new website as I am not blogging anymore.
              We are hoping to find sponsors for a part time salary for me.
              We will be applying for grants to help with our projects and salary.
              We are moving to help beyond Romania, which has been a DREAM of mine                                     for years, and serve in other countries, as well as our own!
              We are always looking for more churches, organizations and                                                         individuals to  partner with us!

Thank you again and if you haven't made a donation yet this year, this is a fabulous time! You can send it to Project Hope for the Children, Inc, 6983 Chase Rd, Fabius, NY 13063 or go to our homepage and make a PayPal donation.

And don't forget you can support us by shopping on AmazonSmile https://smile.amazon.com and typing us in as your charity of choice! Project Hope for the Children, Inc Fabius. Just my Christmas Shopping has added $5! Every little bit helps! 

May you have a peaceful Christmas as you remember the Reason we celebrate!



Sunday, August 21, 2016

What Drives You?

When I am feeling down, I think of these ladies that participate in the Joy Beadz project in Tinca. 

Some might laugh or scorn because these women are Gypsies and Gypsies are looked down upon. But these ladies have guts! (I admire guts!)They have little education, face racial discrimination, poverty and spousal abuse. These women don't have many resources to change their lives like we Americans do and don't have the same protections, but they work, care for their children and cling to their Faith. Lessons can be learned "from even the least of these...."


 So what drives them to do their best when everyone else in their culture takes the easy way? Support from loving people and the comfort of a loving God! I need to remember that; we all need to remember that. Showing concern for others and having faith when we feel down. Pass it on!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2016 Romanian Trip

I have been home for a few weeks now and know that you are all due for an update on the trip to Romania. Frankly, I have put off writing this because re-entry can sometimes be very hard and I have had to cope with a few things that occurred over there. Traveling with the family was amazing on so many levels, but left very little time for the processing that I need when dealing with deaths, poverty and abuses.

However, other than a few snags with bank cards, which played out like a frustrating comedy show, the trip went extremely smoothly! The children and Brittany did very well and Jack arrived safely! I had a packed schedule with working at the hospital, which really consists of just holding babies now, and visiting other foundations and meeting with Directors.

I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the local group homes for handicapped children. I found the homes a lot nicer than I expected and although there was only one State Worker for 8 or more children per house the children seemed well cared for. A Canadian friend staffs 3 workers as well, to care for children that we had in the hospital for  years and what a sweet reunion it was to see the children and my sweet friend Dorina.

I was able to tour The Beauty from Ashes Center where Orphaned young women can stay in a homelike atmosphere and find security, God's Love and learn life skills. They have a wonderful craft department and the girls sell their beautiful jewelry to raise money! 

This year we were again able to help Romanian relief in purchasing a large amount of food for their Foster and Group homes for handicapped children.  http://www.romanianrelief.org/   We also spent the day with our friends from Forget Me Not Ministries in Tinca! What a blessing it was to take part in their VBS outreach to the Gypsy children, spend time with the Joy Beadz ladies and enjoy a picnic with the staff and Gypsy families! *Note: we have more bracelets!! http://fmnministries.org/  What a privilege it is to work with these non profits.

This year, PHFTC has decided to partner with a new Ministry in a village outside Oradea! We are very excited about this opportunity, as they will be renovating a building to create an after school program for their Roma Gypsy population. They will provide a meal, showers, academic help and Bible teaching to these children in the hopes that their illiterate parents can try to find work during those hours. Eventually, they hope to add work programs and literacy programs for the adults. The town government is in complete agreement and partnership, which is truly rare and as I met with the Directors and Town Leaders, I was impressed by their heart and organized way of thinking. We toured the village and the building that will be renovated and it was a great day! https://www.facebook.com/Asociatia-Zambet-si-Speranta-Pentru-Viitor-1573821832835088/?fref=ts

We visited our hospital in Sibiu! We were warmly welcomed and held many of the babies there, who have no volunteer to care for them. We asked if we might place someone there that could hold and care for the babies, as well as bring a group over for a week to assist. The Head Nurse was open to the idea, but will have to check with the new Director. Please be in prayer that we would be allowed to further assist the hospital and the babies in this area! Our hospital in Oradea is doing well and we are doing our best to meet the demands of the Health Inspector and Hospital there, as well as serve our little ones. One baby, V, has been close to death for weeks now! It has been very stressful for us but because of prayers and Alina gaining permission to hold this little one she is starting to respond and grow. Please follow our facebook page for updates in this sweet one! https://www.facebook.com/phftc/

Lastly, I wanted to tell you what a difference your donations and letters made for Lora, in our Special Needs Drive! I personally gave her your letters and told her about each person that wrote her. Our tears mingled as she read your encouraging words and she realized she was not alone. The tablet has been a huge blessing and unexpectedly has helped keep her mother entertained! The $1,000 donated has paid almost all her debt off and left her $100 to save for a "rainy day" . Her gratitude and awe that people across the ocean could bless her mother and her in this way was real and genuine. She thanks you from the bottom of her heart!                            

I know this has been a very long email,but I hope it gives you a look into the trip and what PHFTC does! Please, keep us in your heart as the Board and I make decisions on expansion and where best PHFTC can help. We are currently burdened for the Refugee Crisis and are considering doing a special financial drive to partner with an agency working there, as well as a Home Based Agency, serving babies in Onondaga County. In both cases, we would be supplying basic baby essentials to needy children. I welcome your comments and notes and appreciate your support in so many ways!



Monday, June 13, 2016

Project Hope for the Children: Nine Days to Go!

Project Hope for the Children: Nine Days to Go!: Good Morning All,      I hope your day is started off right even with the New York Gloom! I cannot believe how quickly my trip is coming up!...

Nine Days to Go!

Good Morning All,

     I hope your day is started off right even with the New York Gloom! I cannot believe how quickly my trip is coming up! Yesterday, I spoke at my last church and had a wonderful time of fellowship with old and new friends! $Over $1,300 was donated! I believe that in the next few days we will reach the $20,000 mark in our bank account! There is still time if you want to get a donation in before the trip! http://projecthopeforthechildren.blogspot.com/

    Please remember us with our flights and transports, health, relationships with the hospital staff, etc. I have a meeting with a lawyer to discuss setting up an association, as well as meetings with different foundations and their directors. Please pray as I speak to the Sibiu hospital about the possibility of hiring a maternal assistant to work with their babies and possibly bringing a team over to rock and stimulate the babies.

   I am so excited to be back "home"! It has been too long! And I thank you for your part in caring for the forgotten children in Bihor and Sibiu Counties! Remember to Like us on our Facebook page to get my updates and pictures while I am away! https://www.facebook.com/phftc/



*Checks can be made out Project Hope for the Children, Inc, 6983 Chase Rd, Fabius, NY 13063


Monday, May 23, 2016

One More Month

Good Morning!

   It is hard to believe that in less than one month, my little ones and I will be flying to Romania! I am so excited to get back and work! I have been speaking and fundraising at several of my supporting churches the last month or so and have been overwhelmed with their support and generosity! I love reconnecting with old friends and making new ones in the Ministry!

   Financially we have about $14,000 already. I would like to see closer to $18,000 when I fly. We have supplies to purchase for the hospitals in Oradea and Sibiu, two Foundations that need supplies, and a couple other requests for support that I will looking into when I arrive. It will be a very busy time with our time starting with a wedding of Alina's sister and a dear friends of mine flying in from England, Turkey and Italy!

   Our trip to the Sibiu hospital is booked for July 4-6th. Please pray that the hospital will be receptive to us placing a volunteer in the hospital to care for their 30+ children AND that we can have the funds to hire someone AND that we can find someone who will love these children!

   Please pray for strength for myself as I regularly work from 7-11 some days and I will have the children wanting to see me.Please pray for Brittany, who is nannying for us as she will be in a new country with the two children and for Jack, who will be traveling separately a week after us.

  I also need wisdom in making decisions over there as we contemplate going into a new hospital in Arad and helping out a new foundation .Some of these decisions will be made in made in part, when we know the budget.

  Thank you all for your continued interest in the crisis in Romania. The infant and childhood suffering is still very real there! If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help us meet our goal you can mail us a check to PHFTC, Inc, 6983 Chase Rd, Fabius,NY 13063 or you can go to our website's homepage and click on the PayPal Donate button.

Any questions or comments? Please reply back to this email with them! And don't forget to Like our Facebook page- it is a great way to stay in touch with us and let others know about the Ministry! https://www.facebook.com/phftc/
In Him,


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good News

March is speeding by and we are going to be ending our March Madness Fundraiser. We have received pledges for a little over $350, but we still have thousands to go to buy all the diapers and wipes we need for the Oradea Hospital! Sooo if you keep forgetting about joining in on this fundraiser (which is normally my problem) there is still time!!! your contributions do make a difference!

Let me give you two examples of happy endings that we sometimes see! If you remember, when I was in Romania last May, we had two very special children in the hospital. One was Baby F and she had severe cradle cap and skin condition that caused her to have a polka dotted torso. The hospital had resigned themselves to the fact that she would be sent to the Centru Orphanage for disabled children, even though she was functioning normally AND her parents had signed their rights away!

I pushed for a visit with the staff dermatologist and took Baby F. The dermatologist said that I could use the special cream I use for cradle cap but that the baby needed extra ointment as well. The hospital didn't carry it so nothing was to be done. I "offered" to pay for it so she wrote me a prescription that I could get filled elsewhere. She then proceeded to tell me that no foster family would want the burden of such a child! I contacted a friend who deals with foster care and between our creams removing the scabbing and my friend's hard work, Baby F is now in an adoptive home!

Our next child was Baby D. He has digestion issues and had some surgeries on his stomach. He had a large opening in his stomach and needed a urine bag for waste. However, the hospital did not have enough bags and had to reuse the same one several times increasing the risk of infection. The removal of the bag and retaping each time to his raw skin was  a painful procedure, but Baby D always kept a cheerful dispostion! PHFTC was able to purchase extra bags from a pharmacy and the kind pharmacist donated some creams for the baby's stomach. He is now in a Christian, foster home and is hoping to get surgeries now to correct his problem.

This is the work that we do and I am so blessed to be a part of it and I want to thank you for the part that you do, as well!


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Madness

Hello Friends,

   My life now is very different from the 13 years ago when a quiet, naive girl boarded a plane for Romania. As I look back at all the changes that have happened in my world and in the country of Romania, I am in awe of the Master Plan that has led up to where we are now. Never would I have guessed that Project Hope would be a not for profit serving hundreds of babies and partnering with several foundations and hospitals! It is such a privilege and honor to be able to help in one small part of the world!

   Most people shy away from the number 13, but I believe that this year needs to be celebrated ( as every year does)! So for the month of March we are doing a special fundraiser for the Oradea Hospital!! We are calling it March MadnessMuch of what we provide and purchase in way of supplies is Diapers and Wipes! If you have children you all know the necessity and expense of these little items. However, when we have special donations to purchase the hundreds of packages that we use it does not seem near as daunting!


   Please consider sending a donation to buy one of these:

1) 1 Package of diapers at $17
2) 2 packages of wipes at $3 or
3) A combination package of 1 package of diapers and 2 packages of wipes for $20.
~You can mail a check to PHFTC, Inc 6983 Chase Rd, Fabius,NY 13063 labeled
March Madness or donate via our Pay Pal Button on our website. http://projecthopeforthechildren.blogspot.com/

  I am planning on making my next trip in July, where I will spend two weeks working in the Oradea and Sibiu hospitals, reconnecting with the doctors and nurses, purchasing the year's supplies and hopefully adding a new hospital to our family. We have a hospital with social babies, a social worker and some eager volunteers! All we need is grace and cash! During the next few months, we will be researching the possibility of taking on this hospital and how that will look for our Ministry.
 Remember to visit out Facebook page for updates and articles and share with your friends!  https://www.facebook.com/phftc/?ref=hl



   NOTE: If you have not received your tax receipts yet, they should be arriving shortly! The CPA notified me last night that they were completed. I am sorry for any delay!