Commonly Asked Questions

Where is Romania? 
      In Eastern Europe near Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia and the Black Sea

Why is there such an orphan issue in Romania?
     *Romania was a communist country for many years and encouraged their people to have many children. When parents could not support their growing families, the government staffed orphanages to house "extra" children. The habit has continued into this century. The thought is if I can't do it then the government will!
     *Roma Gypsies quite frequently have several children and take their babies to the hospital- some out of concern  and hope that the child will be taken better care of and some out of sheer negligence.
     *Single mothers do not have the same financial advantages there than in the States and cannot afford to keep their children. 

Can we adopt from Romania?
      No, international adoptions by non-Romanians have been banned for several years now. In 2010 there were 62,000 orphans in Romania~ there were 0 adoptions! 

Why don't more Romanians adopt?
        Most abandoned babies are of some type of Roma (Gypsy) descent. Many Romanians are prejudiced against Roma's because of their lifestyle. They don't want to take the chance of raising a child only to have them turn out like their "parents".

Why does Ramona do this?
      Ramona believes that caring for the fatherless is a command close to the Lord's heart. (James 1:27) She has seen children that have suffered through the first couple years of their life and the affects it will have on them forever. She has also seen the difference that love, stimulation and nutritious food has on the children. Everyone deserves a chance! 

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