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Abandonment of children is not a new problem to this earth, but its devastating effects are startling in whatever decade you find them. Ramona Petrella Cummings first learned of this need in Romania in 2002. In 2003, she was led to move to Oradea, Romania and work in an orphanage for the Christian, non-profit Children In The Son. There the full impact of the issues for abandoned children hit her as she started working in the local pediatric hospital too.

Horrible conditions reined in this hospital with children never being bathed, touched with love or stimulated in any way. Babies were fed by propping large glass bottles full of carrot juice or a cream of wheat mixture. Malnutrition was common. Children were wasting away before her eyes and the emptiness in their eyes pierced her soul.

She was allowed to work with some of the abandoned babies but not given any of the normal infant supplies to use. Babies' diapers were changed three times a day and many older children were tied to their cribs so they would not crawl out. Ramona and some friends started purchasing diapers and wipes, lotion and shampoo to use on the babies.

 Soon Ramona wrote to her supporters and after explaining the situation to them was amazed at the generous donations that were sent. When Ramona left Romania to return home there was enough money to buy supplies for six months. However, it was a temporary fix.

Soon Ramona was speaking at several churches and organizations raising money for the children at the Pediatric Hospital. Other foundations in Romania became more involved and started paying women to care for the abandoned babies as maternal assistants.

Today, Project Hope for the Children supplies two hospitals and collaborates with several foundations by supplying needful items for their projects. The change in the babies has been dramatic since 2003, but the need is still strong. The ministry sponsors a full-time maternal assistant in Oradea and has a Volunteer Nurse Liaison in Sibiu.

Summer 2014 brought Project Hope for the Children into non profit-hood as a 501c3. . All donations can be made to Project Hope for the Children Inc, 6983 Chase Rd, Fabius, NY 13063 and you can now receive a tax donation receipt at the the end of the year.

Ramona continues to travel to Oradea once a year to personally purchase the bulk of the supplies and maintain ties to the people at the hospital. She and her young daughter enjoy holding and cuddling the precious souls that they have the blessing of serving.

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