About Ramona

 Even as a young child Ramona had a heart for orphans, but it wasn't until she was 23 that she was able to do something with that passion! After working in a small orphanage and later the Pediatric Hospital in Oradea, Romania she was finally able to fulfill that longing from childhood to make a difference. Because of her experiences in Romania she was later hired as a Parent Educator through Cornell Cooperative Extension and was introduced to the foster care system here in the States.

Through this job, Ramona was spurred into becoming a foster parent herself and was certified in 2007. Since her marriage to Jack in 2008, they have had many children pass through their home. They have three children now- one biological and one adopted! Currently, they are caring for one foster baby. Ramona keeps active at home with her babies, fundraising for the the ministry, and extra curricular activities when she has the time!

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