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Project Hope for the Children  purchases and provides several hospitals supplies such as: diapers, wipes, cereal, shampoo, lotion and rash creams for the use of the abandoned and needy babies. The ministry has purchased infant toys and furniture on numerous occasions, as well as, some special needs of the hospital like infant scales, special formulas and shoes for the babies.

Project Hope for the Children collaborates and assists several Romanian Foundations in their work of helping the Romas and abandoned children, as well. All of this is possible with the support of churches, clubs and individuals throughout the US.  Sometimes items such as: clothes, bibs, loveys and creams are taken over with Ramona.

Project Hope for the Children also facilitates a sponsorship for Alina Plugar to store, distribute the supplies and work with the children directly. She provides love, care and stimulation to the children on a daily basis. PHFTC has a Volunteer Nurse Liaison that works in the Sibiu Hospital and stores and distributes the supplies there.

Some of the ways you can get involved are listed here.
     Provide prayers
     Facilitate a meeting with your church or oraganization where Ramona can come and speak.
     Give a tax-deductible donation
     Purchase or donate items as listed:

            Desitan Diaper Rash Cream
            Infant socks 0-24months
            Disney's Cradle Cap Care

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