Monday, February 18, 2013

Lesson from a Child

Recently, I received a call from a mother who told me this story. Her son was annoyed about the meal she made and mama became frustrated with her son' attitude. She explained to him that there were many children who did not have food. When she had to throw his food out she needed to spend more money on purchasing more food and that meant less money to give to those in need. The little boy's heart broke after seeing some you tube footage on disadvantaged children and he wept.

 A little while later, he called his mother to him and told her what he had been thinking... This 7 year old had decided that at his birthday party next month, he wanted to have people donate money to give to hungry kids! His mother was shocked and touched, but she is willingly going along with it. She looked up this website and they decided to help the children in Romania! What a blessing to see the Lord use this little one! I cry each time I tell this story....

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