Monday, April 1, 2013


   Dear Friends,

   Please pray for Alina, my friend that the ministry pays to work with the babies and distribute the supplies. She works in the Premature Ward and has had the care of one special 3 month old baby for the past several weeks. The doctors examined this little one and the diagnosis was poor.

   Last week, Alina was told the baby only had a few months to live due to, as Alina put it "his muscles were all dead". Not exactly sure what the clinical diagnosis was. If you have never seen a baby dying or had one die you cannot imagine the suffering that goes on in your heart and mind! From my own experience it is something you never can leave behind.

   Today, Alina went to work and found out that the baby had passed away in the night. God has been gracious to this little one to alleviate his suffering, but it is very hard for Alina right now. Please join me in praying for her right now and if you have something special to say to her feel free to leave a comment.


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