Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"The Circle of Love"

This Spring as I lined up my speaking engagements for the year, I wondered what I would say to encourage people and show them how grateful I am for their interest and support. My mind wandered down many paths until it remembered a devotional I had read earlier in the year. It focused on the passage in the Bible of Philippians 2:25-30 and detailed how the Apostle Paul, Christians in the town of Philippi and a man named Ephrodites all kept showing love and concern for each other until one could not see where this "Circle of Love" started and ended.

It got me to thinking about how one hesitant step on my part to start fundraising for my ministry swirled into a "Circle of Love" all its own! My love and care for the abandoned babies helped change the nurses' hearts and attitudes and gave birth to others' generosity. People started donating funds for the babies and because we had more money and more needs, we were able to hire Alina and provide her with a much needed salary. Alina has continued to love and care for these precious children. My friendship with Alina and watching her dedication blesses and strengthens me as well as others. And around and around it goes... And the heart of it is to give God the glory!

Thank-you for being such a vital part of our "Circle of Love" and take a moment to ponder what other circles you are a part of and how you can show more love! As my family prepares to leave on the 25th for Romania, we know that this ministry could not be what it is or do what it does without all of you!


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