Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Madness

Hello Friends,

   My life now is very different from the 13 years ago when a quiet, naive girl boarded a plane for Romania. As I look back at all the changes that have happened in my world and in the country of Romania, I am in awe of the Master Plan that has led up to where we are now. Never would I have guessed that Project Hope would be a not for profit serving hundreds of babies and partnering with several foundations and hospitals! It is such a privilege and honor to be able to help in one small part of the world!

   Most people shy away from the number 13, but I believe that this year needs to be celebrated ( as every year does)! So for the month of March we are doing a special fundraiser for the Oradea Hospital!! We are calling it March MadnessMuch of what we provide and purchase in way of supplies is Diapers and Wipes! If you have children you all know the necessity and expense of these little items. However, when we have special donations to purchase the hundreds of packages that we use it does not seem near as daunting!


   Please consider sending a donation to buy one of these:

1) 1 Package of diapers at $17
2) 2 packages of wipes at $3 or
3) A combination package of 1 package of diapers and 2 packages of wipes for $20.
~You can mail a check to PHFTC, Inc 6983 Chase Rd, Fabius,NY 13063 labeled
March Madness or donate via our Pay Pal Button on our website.

  I am planning on making my next trip in July, where I will spend two weeks working in the Oradea and Sibiu hospitals, reconnecting with the doctors and nurses, purchasing the year's supplies and hopefully adding a new hospital to our family. We have a hospital with social babies, a social worker and some eager volunteers! All we need is grace and cash! During the next few months, we will be researching the possibility of taking on this hospital and how that will look for our Ministry.
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   NOTE: If you have not received your tax receipts yet, they should be arriving shortly! The CPA notified me last night that they were completed. I am sorry for any delay!

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