Sunday, August 21, 2016

What Drives You?

When I am feeling down, I think of these ladies that participate in the Joy Beadz project in Tinca. 

Some might laugh or scorn because these women are Gypsies and Gypsies are looked down upon. But these ladies have guts! (I admire guts!)They have little education, face racial discrimination, poverty and spousal abuse. These women don't have many resources to change their lives like we Americans do and don't have the same protections, but they work, care for their children and cling to their Faith. Lessons can be learned "from even the least of these...."


 So what drives them to do their best when everyone else in their culture takes the easy way? Support from loving people and the comfort of a loving God! I need to remember that; we all need to remember that. Showing concern for others and having faith when we feel down. Pass it on!

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