Saturday, March 22, 2014

Snapshots of Memories

It's the 22nd of March and that day has special meaning to me because that was the date I first entered Romania! Indelible snapshots are still imprinted in my mind of the people and places that were so new and strange to me. Has something or someone ever completely changed your life? You could not imagine your life without that particular event or person?

My time in Romania was that type of time for me. It was like I had been preparing my whole life for something and each day that I spent in that country I felt like I was given the smallest peak into my life as it was meant to be. Working with babies in the hospital has given me such joy and I want thank all of you for having joined me in this life passion!

Project 11 on 11 only needs 5 more people to give in any way. Just $11 donation, $11 once a month for a year or $11 for each member of your household in way, shape or form! Checks can be made out to PCC, 6983 Chase Rd, Fabius, NY 13063 or you can go to  and click on the PayPal button.

Please enjoy some of my life's snapshots and again thank-you for allowing this Ministry to operate and help people!

From the Heart,


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