Friday, April 4, 2014

Fundraiser Success!

Hello Everyone!

  I have an exciting update about our 11 on 11 Fundraiser in March! We had 11 people either donate or commit to donate to the Ministry! In total we raised $1,134! What a success! I want to give a big thank-you to Jeff, Mike, Kelli, FCC Mission Group, Thomas, Kevin, Sid and Belinda, Clara, Heather, Charles and Gloria, and Steve and Amy.

Just recently PHFTC has been asked to send supplies to another pediatric hospital in Romania. I am excited to think that we have the money to branch out like this and help the babies in a hospital that resembles 2003 conditions! The babies have nothing and what does come in gets stolen from them! Please pray that we might be able to permanently expand to this hospital and help make a difference. I am hoping to visit these babies in August if possible!

I am starting to schedule my fundraising/speaking schedule so if anyone knows of a church, civic organization or group that might be interested in having me speak please pass on my information to them! You can check out schedule page on the website to see where I'll be! 

Also, for you Face Book users please consider liking our PHFTC page so your friends can check us out! It is a simple, easy and effective way for a non profit to get advertising~ Thanks!

Have a wonderful day!


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