Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I tend to deal with money frequently~ our personal budget and bills, other people's finances, Project Hope's donations~ as a past bank cashier it's a good fit. With all of that said, I am always Thankful when the money comes in. I don't need to be rolling in money, but being able to pay the bills or take care of the needs is a great feeling! 

Today I have two reasons to be Thankful! The first is that the money I was waiting for help pay for my trip to Romania has arrived! And secondly, I have counted up the 2013 donations to date and found just how generous you have been. The ministry has taken in $4,558 so far! (We even had someone use our PayPal button and it worked!) We still have several thousand to go, but what a blessing to see people giving and caring for other human beings in need! And that should make us all Thankful....

Blessings today~Mona

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